Balstock’s Ethics



GENERAL: Musicians and other contributors will be expected to perform free of charge. This general rule applies whether the act requests inclusion or is invited to perform.

The proprietors of venues will normally be expected to provide a drink and/ or snack, relative to their business, to each performer.


SPECIAL CASES: Artist, acts or specialist personnel based further afield that perform or assist with the event, with prior consideration, a nominal payment for travelling expenses might be paid, only in exceptional cases will acts be paid to perform.

Individuals may sponsor performers with the prior approval of the Balstock Committee. Any such acts must have the potential to enhance the success or reputation of Balstock and/or increase its ability to raise funds.


All payments to performers from Balstock funds must include prior consultation, before the event, with its Treasurer.



*Any monies raised for such causes via the committee must be publicise.*