14 Sep 2022

The Balstock Cult Committee is: G “RinG Leader” LaRoche, Steve “Scouse” Holmes, Becksy “Manson” Miller, Michael “Reverend” Rees, Lynne & Paul “Smiff n Weston” Smith, Mick “Don’t call me Daddy” LaRoche and Jade “Federal Bureau of In-Reps-stigation” Green
The above cultcommittee demands living offerings for:

Our great mates at London Road Studios and Richard Maskell, Tara Geere, Duncan Stacey and all the smashing buggers at Baldock Beer Festival, Eddie, Lee Morris and his wandering hands, Danny Robertson, Bob Mardon and The mighty Club 85, Counsellor Alistair Willoughby, Janchi Mugica & Brocker, Nick Plews and his love of ‘pegging’, Paris Cesvette, Becky Bennet, Steph Scott & Cara Beard, Brian Burke (the Tangler man), Chris Lunnon and Lunnon’s Printers, GlastonBarry Waddock and LH Solutions, Clive at Majosa, Suze Phillips at Garden City Assurance and NHDC.

Richard Emms, Kev Smith, Stuart Mathews and SRM security, Barefoot Dave, Vicky, Aidy, Frank, Kev and the pack down crew, Bob Chapman

The Balstock Reps Of Wrath:

James “The Boy” Whenman, Dave French, Matt (at Hen&Chix), Paul Dockree, Paul Burne, Stacey Burne, Cassie Harman, William Murphy, Mark Knight, Chris West, Alex Willcocks, Alun Davies, Sam Whitbread, Tom Chaplin, Phil Coffer, Reuben Andrew James Harvey, Steve Wilson, Dawn Wilson, Ian Ison, Adam Warwicker, Roger Willcocks, Louise Thornton, Marc Staniford, Edd Littler, Abby Clare Northover, Nick Roberts, Kieran Best, “Super” Callum McCreath, Colin Thomas, Jake Garcia-Lynch, Steve Thomas & Alex Lewis

The Balstock photographers:

Chris Anderson, Connor Jesse Wells , Graham Hopkins , Jamie Swain, Jane Evans , Katie Daines , KM Welch , Michelle Woolnough, Nick Dean, Paul Lyme , Simon Wallace and Zak Scrafton

Much respect to each and every band, act, DJ, singer and dancer who performed at Balstock Music Festival 2022

Baldock’s Publicans and Staff

Our lovely Balstock Volunteers and Bucket shakers

Baldock in general

Special thanks to Jacqui Woolward RIP, for providing the family entertainment for the High Street

Elaine LaRoche RIP xx

Phil Hall RIP xx

…and anyone else I’ve missed out, the biggest of Love

G says – “Support your local music scene, support your venues and support those that struggle to support themselves” xx


The Balstock committee would also like to extend an extra massive show of gratitude to all the musicians and performers who applied and gave their time completely for free, in the name of charity and good vibes. Without you guys we’d have 12 empty stages and empty buckets!
I’d also like to apologize to those that applied who I couldn’t find spaces for. It’s heartbreaking turning acts down who are eager to play.
Please let us know below who you really enjoyed seeing perform, and if you discovered any new favorite local bands, go give their FB page a like and comment below. SUPPORT LOCAL LIVE MUSIC – get down Club 85 and the various music pubs and keep this scene thriving. We really are spoilt for talent in this area.
G x



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