It’s Tomorrow

12 Sep 2019

It is that time you have all been waiting for Balstock is back. After a well deserved year off we are back with avengence.

Nearly all the logistics are in place. Bands and acts are excited, Reps are ready, Merch is ready, Stages are going up, backlines ready, lights ready and G is pulling his mohawk out.

So get your perfumed posteriors to Baldock tomorrow and the weekend. Bring loads of change and folding stuff to put into our lovely volunteers slots…in their buckets.

It all kicks off Friday evening from 7pm on 8 stages then Saturday at 11am at The White Lion and then another 13 stages staggered during the day.

Bring your kids to the ELR stage on the High Street at 1pm on Saturday for The Imajica Theater group who will be entertaining you all with their Pirate show.

There will be food stalls and drinking establishments on the High Street but please purchase the plastic Beer cups provided by The Balstock Beer festival so we can protect the planet and stop all the plastic glasses going to landfill.

We all hope you enjoy yourselves over the weekend and if you see any of the reps (with a yellow Balstock T shirt) give them a slap on the back or buy them a beer, they are all doing this for free and giving their precious time to help the festival run smoothly.

ALL HAIL THE UNIVERSAL VEGAN OR MEAT SAUSAGE !!!!  (Dependant on your dietary needs)


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