Balstock 2019 round up

19 Sep 2019

Brace yourselves, this is a LOOOOONG thanks list, but all relevant to the aid of Balstock 2019.

These names demand your attention and kudos:


(The Balstock committee who spend most of the year planning)

Steve ‘Scouse’ Holmes – Balstock Lieutenant

Becky Miller – thankless task of volunteer and charity co-ordinator

Michael Rees – Computers, equipment and beard

Lynne Smith – Admin and taker of no shit

Paul ‘Smiffy’ Smith – unstoppable force!

Mick LaRoche – PRS and dad jokes &

G LaRoche – little more than a mascot

Our important chums:

Richard Maskell & our good friends at London Road Studios,

Rob Scahill,

Richard Emms & NOVA,

Lee & Pete of Buntsfest for lend of the ELR stage,

Ashley Hawkins & NHDC,

Jim McNally & the Baldock Events Forum ,

Nick Plews and his glorious balls,

Janchi Mugica & Brocker,

Bob Mardon & Club 85,

Barefoot Dave, Tom ‘Carlos’ Chaplin, Chloe Wagstaff, James Toal, Rafael Monterio, Kyle Gray and all the other ELR stage helpers

Baldock Beer Festival & Baldock Oktoberfest (get your tickets NOW),

Brian Burke & Gor Jus Wrex,

Denise Parsons & Radio Verulam,

Steph Scott, Owen Stephen & SG1 radio,

BBC 3 Counties Radio,

BBC 6 (apparently we got a shout out!!!),

Bee Phillips & North Herts Radio,

Josh Munford & Lunnons Printers,

Graham Dormer,

DB Sharps & Sons

Becky Bennett,

Paris Cesvette & OPOM,

2nd Baldock Scouts,

Ritn Ditn

Dicky and the George for the, much needed, after party

The Baldock Town Hall Group,

Richard Mabe & Ed Littler for guitar amps

Martin James & Cambridge Drums.

Ian Ilson for Lights and Neal Cannell for Drums.

Ace Of Herts & Patchwork.

Staniford & Lou-Loaf

Big up Kuzu (new Turkish restaurant) for supplying food to our Reps.

Also thanks to the local Police force

The Balstock Reps all need a drink and a pat on the back: Nick Roberts, Ryan Harman, James Whenman, Alex J Lewis, Jacko Jackson, Dan ‘ Crash’ Banicott, Kayla Gough, Eddie LaRoche, Dan Lewis, Marko Mechanico & ‘Chubby’, Max Barry, Toby Shenton, Stix Peters, Jade Green, Alun Davies, Abby Clair, Adam Warwicker, Alex Willcocks, Emma Byrne, Andrew Budge, Sam Whitbread, Nicky, Imaginary Dave, Christopher Hall, Jacko, Phillip Rowland Morris.

Balstock photographers: Peter Gill, Gary Durham, Michelle Woolnough, Paul Lyme, Emma Borroff, Martin Wooton and Nick Dean

All the Balstock charities and their bucket shaking volunteers.

Every single band, DJ, act and dancer.

Baldock’s hard working publicans and their all their lovely staff.

Last shout up to the heavens goes to Elaine ‘Momma G’ LaRoche. Still very much missed and never to be forgotten. Onwards and upwards, luv you mum xxx

If I have missed anybody out I’m incredibly sorry, but you know I luvs ya x

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