Balstock 2019 lineup is live

12 Aug 2019

What’s all this then??? A new dining room table? The new 7 times table? Is it the new periodic table?
The Balstock 2019 timetables are out!!!

Upon these pages is a range of stages, it’s taken bloody ages. Michael Rees stayed up all night to get it right.

Get your greedy peepers all over it.

Ponder at your peril, as they may be altered slightly by the time of Balstock.


lineup for 2019 LINEUP
You will need a Clashfinder account to see it so go to Clashfinder website and make one.
You can then make your own itinerary of acts you don’t want to miss over the weekend.
You can then either just go straight to Clashfinder or go via Balstock website to see who is on your list.
Also check out the Line up tab and you can look through all the acts who are playing and see who tickles your fancy.





If you are one the acts playing and see any mistakes then please message Michael Rees on Facebook and it will be changed ASAP

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