Balstock 2019 !!!!! Band Applications are open

01 Mar 2019

OH MY GOD ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING: For the first time in 2 years Balstock Music Festival band applications are OPEN RIGHT NOW for Balstock 2019!!!

Are you in a band that plays death skiffle; folkcore; bum ballads and the rest?

Do you play acoustic music like Jimmy Carr tries to act human?

Do you DJ, morris dance, fart through a trumpet, hide the universal sausage or dance on a woman’s purse?

Are you Gabba?

If your musical act is willing to help out a town wide free charity festival on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September please apply at the following webpage:…/playing-at-balstock-music-fes…/

Make sure you and your band mates are available for the said, mentions dates before applying or bumming will commence!

If you have played any fundraisers then you still need to apply as we need it for our records

Applications will close on the 23rd of March so get your asses in to gear and apply.

Check spam folder for confirmation emails. Apparently these are not going out. Check website now for reason.

The chosen charities will be announced soonish.

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Please do not post slot requests for your band in the comments. Use the Play section and fill in the form provided :)

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